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Some things in life are universal. Though we may live in different lands, different cultures, have a different background… there are some things we ALL need. Instead of waiting for someone to come along and fulfill our needs- why don’t we choose to be the one who reaches out and gives.

Every woman needs encouragement.  We have an example in Proverbs 31 of a virtuous woman. In her tongue was the law of kindness. A kind and gentle word can soothe so many pains and comfort such a broken heart. We must pray daily for God to sand off those rough edges that sharpen our tongue- and we must choose to speak with kindness.

Every woman needs forgiveness.  Let’s face it.  We have all opened our mouth and said things we shouldn’t have. The worst thing about saying something hurtful is that it can’t be unsaid.  What we can do is give others the same grace that we would hope to get. We can realize that people say stupid things. If you have heard something negative that has been said about you- instead of stewing over it- PRAY over it. Choose to give grace and forgive.

Let us choose to forgive.

Let us choose to speak in kindness.

And let us choose to encourage one another.



10/29/2015 12:58pm

Thank you for this. Forgiveness is hard. It does NOT come naturally. Maybe that's partly because it requires humility. As someone whose mouth has caused far more trouble than any other single thing, this reminded me that I need to seek forgiveness for what I've said. As I read, though, God also reminded me that I need to forgive myself. He doesn't remember once I've asked forgiveness. He doesn't "hold it over my head" or store it up to make me feel bad later. Those reminders of old sins that I've repented are not from Him.

11/03/2015 11:10am

I am reminded so many times of the verse in Proverbs 20:17 "Bread of deceit is sweet to a man; but afterwards his mouth shall be filled with gravel." That is always the feeling I get in my gut after my mouth gets me into trouble!! It is much better to forgive others when I see my own faults!!


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