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...through the waters

          ...through the rivers

                    ...through the fire

                              Isaiah 43:2

There seems to some type of false pretense that if we just love God and trust in Jesus- our walk on this earth will be an easy one.  Then life hits!

People are often asking, “Where did God go?”  

The truth is- God hasn’t moved. He never does. And unlike the common cliche’s we may hear or have maybe once believed… He also hasn’t promised us a life of pure happiness.

Unfortunately many false hopes are based upon little sayings that make us feel good- and not necessarily on Scripture.

God’s promises are true. But we must walk close to Him and find them spoken to us through His Word. He will not leave us comfortless. He will give us peace, and rest, and joy. He will speak to us through His still small voice.

When life hits hard- forget about all the Facebook memes and beautifully crafted pins on God’s promises. Open His Word and ask Him to speak to your heart. If you are His child- He will be right there for he has said, “I will be with thee.”



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