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I like productivity.  Okay… I love productivity!

But sometimes we need to be reminded that being “busy” is not the same as being productive.  And our goal in life is not always to be as “productive” as humanly possible.

Our primary goal should be loving and serving Jesus.  In whatever He has given us in this life- as we go about our day, we need to leave some margin space for Him!
As I am devising my way (i.e. to do lists, schedules, grocery shopping, teaching, cleaning…) it is so important that I leave room to allow God to direct my steps.

When I woke up today I knew of the things on “my” to-do list. Thankfully I was on track with getting the things done when they needed done- and because I have left some margin space- I was able to have some breathing room when the Lord brought in things “I” hadn’t planned.

My day is not over yet… but I was able to take my father to the store for his monthly shopping, unexpectedly see a friend who I really needed to hug, and promise 3 hours to take my daughter to help someone out with a project.

This was such a good reminder to me as I am still learning the balance between always being “productive” and just always being there to do the things God has for my day.  For me, I am learning to keep my margins wide- leaving plenty of room for Jesus to direct my steps!!!



01/23/2016 11:21am

Thanks, Heidi, for sharing this. I was reminded of it again today.


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