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My husband is quite the adventurer.  I have to admit... if it weren't for him I would spend most of my life just staying within my comfort zone. Yet he has taught me that without taking the adventure- we miss out on so many wonderful things in this life.
Paul took this photo of our oldest son fishing off an island one night while they were out past sunset. 
 They watched the sun go down, and headed home safely in the dark- with wonderful stories to tell!!

I love taking family adventures... but I really love to hear the stories from when he takes just one or two of the kids on an adventure. It does tend to be a bit more exciting without mom there making sure everyone is "being careful!"  Last night was a great one!

Sunday afternoon after getting home and settled in... I had put the youngest down for his nap... the 2 oldest has plenty of things to keep them occupied... and the middle two were ready to bounce off the walls!  Enter... the adventurous daddy!!! They headed off to a nearby lake to discover a little secret off the beaten path.  I knew they were in for some fun!

An hour or so later came the call....  They had decided to hike around the whole lake. The twist? It's after daylight saving's time and in just a few minutes it would be completely dark!!  They wouldn't be to other end (where I would meet then in the minivan and drive them back to the truck) until around 6:30.  Oh yeah... their only light source was coming from our son's new camouflage hat with LED lights under the bill.

Though Daddy is adventurous, I know that he is always careful with the children. Some things we have done seem pretty crazy, but no one has ever gotten (seriously) hurt!!  And from our adventures we have seen so much of God's wondrous beauty!! Nothing can take the place of walking through the woods... in the dark... waiting to hear the coyotes howl... 


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