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PictureThis Precious Girl Always has a Smile & Hug to Share With Me
Truly the most satisfying part of life is a relationship. At the end of the day- what is that one part that really mattered? It could be with your spouse, your child, your friend, or a complete stranger- but when you think back on that day it was that one moment when there was a spark between two human souls.

How do we make these connections? Sometimes they come naturally- at home, with our family- at work, in a conversation with a coworker. But sometimes we need to reach a little farther. Sometimes we need to take a step in an unfamiliar direction. Sometimes we need to listen to that voice whispering to us, “Make the first move!”

As you go about your day- how about taking a moment to speak to that stranger you pass.  A kind word doesn’t cost anything- yet is is of great value. A genuine smile may be just the thing that a hurting heart needed to get them through another day. Take a moment to make a connection. Let somebody know that you truly care.

The days we will remember will be the days touched by a caring heart. God cares for each one of us- and yet we, as His children, can be so focused on our daily life that we neglect to see the relationships that pass us by each day.  Show someone you care for them. 

You can make a difference in someone's life today. Maybe your spouse could use an encouraging word. Your child would cherish that hug. A neighborhood child will know they are important to you. Or it may be a lonely cashier that smiles the next time you come into her aisle. 
 ...Friendliness takes such little effort-                                                                                             yet gives us such great reward!! 



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