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Lamentations is a very small book- only 5 chapters. Yet it is full of lamenting and sorrow. So many struggles and hardships are cried out…

...we are orphans and fatherless

...the joy of our heart is ceased

...my children are desolate, because the enemy prevailed

And in the midst of it all- we find hope.  Hope. Something we could all use at times of hardship in our lives. The only true hope that gets us through. Hope from above. And how do we get this hope? Just like Jeremiah did in chapter 3, verse 21.  “This I recall to my mind, therefore have I hope.”

He remembered God. His Father. The attributes of God are always the same. He never changes. Because of this we are not consumed. We may see the fire, we may feel the fire, we may have to walk through the fire,  but by His grace we will never be consumed by the fire. 

...his compassion's fail not

...they are new every morning

...great is thy faithfulness

...the LORD is good unto them that wait for him

Find Lamentation 3 and highlight these wonderful promises in verses 21-26.  We have hope because the Lord is merciful, compassionate, faithful, and good!


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