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Twelve years ago we were blessed with our second little bundle of joy!  Our first surprise with Mary was that her two feet came out kicking!!  It was almost 20 minutes later before her head got loose and she was out and breathing!!  That is one morning that many of us will not forget.  She was a blessing from the very beginning- a very happy baby, loved to smile, and almost slept the first year of her life away!! 
It was just three years later... not quite... when she seemed to come down with pneumonia. She was getting very lethargic and our pastor said we'd better get her into the Emergency Room. Little did we know that night of November 30th, 2006, that we would not be heading home again until July 11th, 2007. Home just in time for Cynthia's 6th birthday the next day. Our baby boy arrived to a home where he had not been since he was just 3 weeks old. We were happy to back with our family together- and with our Mary home. She could not even get herself onto the couch yet... but we were home!

Mary has a rare disease called Langerhans cell Histiocytocis. And though she looked like the happiest and healthiest little girl around- jumping on the trampoline, riding her red tricycle, and singing Jesus Loves Me- silently, the histiocytes were terrorizing many organs in her body, even until her lungs were almost nonexistent. Here is a brief excerpt from her carepage: 

Mary was admitted to Hershey Hospital Dec. 1, 2006. She was diagnosed with Langerhans cell Histiocytosis and immediately started on Chemo. Her lungs were so destroyed from the disease. Soon she was in intensive care. She was put on life support, completely sedated for almost 6 months. During this time she had 24 chest tubes, a couple cardiac arrests, and was on the edge of life and death every minute. Eventually the chemo did stop the Histiocytosis and she woke up, rehabilitated, and came home July 11, 2007. The Chemo continued until October of 2008. October 2009 the Histiocytocis is active again. Please pray with us for our little "Miracle Mary."
There are times in her life when a day seemed like a hundred years. Yet now we are home and the years have flown by. It has not all been easy. The dreaded disease returned when she was 7 and went through another year of chemotherapy. She has also dealt with many of the side effects, and last year spent the summer in physical therapy. Though all in all we are blessed beyond measure. She enjoys a great deal of good health. And she has grown into a beautiful young lady- playing the piano, singing with her siblings, and solving her Rubix cube over and over!!! 

We are grateful beyond measure for the many prayers that were sent to the Lord for our Mary Elisabeth and for those who continue to pray for her. We know there could be more hard days ahead, but we are thankful for the journey that has lead us here. And we are thankful that we can still hold onto our little Mary Girl. Mary, You Inspire Me!!

Happy 12th Birthday
to our beautiful 
Mary Elisabeth!!

We Love You!!



12/04/2015 7:44am

That seems so long ago...what a miracle!!

12/14/2015 3:19pm

Yes! Thankfully it seems like so far away now.


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