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“I’m praying for you!”

How often do we use that phrase?  

Should it really be just a phrase
      - or should it be words with meaning?

“I’m praying for you.”  Praying.  Praying is an open line of communication to God.  God of the universe. God Who hears us, takes time for us, is always there to listen, and answer us.

And He desires to hear our prayers, to have us speak to Him, to draw close to Him. He wants to answer our prayers. He wants to comfort us, to guide us, to help us.

And yet so often we throw around the phrases “I’m praying for you.”    “Praying.”     “Will pray.”    “We’ll be praying.”    And how often is that time actually spent in prayer. That “sweet hour” of prayer.  Praying. 

Truly praying- like we believe we are speaking to the God of Heaven. The God Who hears us. Guides us. Comforts us. Protects us. Truly praying to the Lord of All.
I know we pray when tragedy strikes. We pray tearfully. We pray fervently. We pray like nothing else on this earth matters more than getting our prayer through.

There are things in this life that, as the Bible says, “goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.”  Have we been that serious to pray, not only pray, not just say we pray, but to pray and fast? I’m not talking about a “facebook fast” or a “t.v. fast.” Fasting, as in withdrawing food and nourishment from our body.

Must we wait for tragedy to strike? For a sickness, death, disaster, loss of job, home, or relationships.
God is there already. God is there. Waiting for us. Listening to hear our voice. God is there- wanting a close, personal relationship.

Those around us are waiting. Our family is waiting for that prayer warrior, that example, that shoulder to lean on, that one close to the Lord. Our co-workers and neighbors need that strong Christian friend in their time of need, that one to go to to tell their worries and their fears.

We need not wait. Call upon the Lord today. Spend that time in prayer. Carve out time in your day to
dedicate to prayer. How much time? I guess that depends on how long we want God to listen, how close we want to draw, how much power we want to see unfold in our life.  

“I’m praying for you.”    

Let that not be simply a phrase in our conversation, 
           but a direct line to the throne of heaven.



Georgia Berger
07/18/2016 4:48pm

Great post!

Heidi Zander
07/18/2016 8:23pm

Thank you. God bless.


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