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I have an opinion about judgmental people. I have opinions about a lot of things actually. I also have a belief that we do not need to share every opinion we have- likewise we don’t need to get upset if other people’s opinions differ from ours.

In example, here are some groups of people I have not found to be overtly “judgmental” even though in most cases we may live or believe differently:

I haven’t had a problem with my neighbors- yet they all know that I am a Christian. We openly display Scripture signs at the road, tell them about Jesus, let them know we are praying for them, and every year invite them to church to see a Chalk Art Evangelist.

I haven’t had a problem with complete strangers as I go to town. Weekly, even sometimes daily, as we go about to gas stations, stores, or restaurants- we encounter many people on a mainly friendly basis.

I also have sweet fellowship with many many Christians I meet.  Some are old friends, some are new, some I meet in passing and will most likely never see them again till we reach the other side.  Yet there is always a special kinship between two people who love and serve the same great God!  The Holy Spirit dwells in us both- and we have a common bond in the sincerity of love towards our Saviour.
So… where exactly is this “judgmental” thing coming from? I have heard accusations, seen backbiting, and read totally unruly Facebook threads from groups of Christians.  Sometimes they make it quite obvious, like signing their name “Jezebel Hunter(lol… my favorite!) or referring to themselves as Bishop, Prophet, Evangelist, etc.,  which usually just means that they make it their business to make sure everyone else is living up to their own standards, whatever they might be. (Some even go so far as to tell another man to get his wife into subjection.)

Then there are those Christians who like to accuse other Christians (usually based on assumptions) simply because their choices as to how they choose to live are different. For example: If I choose to do something different than you, please don’t assume that I am saying that you are wrong. I am trying to live according to how I believe God is leading me to live.  I would hope that you are living according to God’s leading in your life. The Bible is clear that we are not to be accusing our brothers and sisters in Christ, while excusing our own actions.  
(See Romans 2:15)

Regardless of how we choose to live or how “judgmental” we choose to be- the thing is… we are all going to be judged.

...not by our neighbors.

...not by our friends.

...not by our church.

...and not by our own imaginations.

The Bible makes it clear it is the Lord Who will judge us in the last day and it is by His Book we will be judged. The great thing is- He has given us His Word. We can be ready. We can live according to His Word and be prepared for that day.

How about spending less time on our Hobby Horse- and spending more time in that Word which will tell us how to live? How about spending less time worrying about everyone around us and get into the Bible and find God’s Truth for our daily life.  How about skipping that time trolling around social media, and meditating on a chapter in the Epistles? The reality is… we really don’t have time to kill… we have a flesh to kill. When we realize we will have God judging us, we can quit worrying about those around us and what they might be thinking- and we can spend that time drawing closer to our Saviour.



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