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All around us we hear words of peace, words of comfort, words of stillness… yet sometimes the struggle is too real, too dark, too swift… we need Jesus- and being still, waiting in quietness,  just isn’t working. That’s where Bartimaeus was- the blind man in Mark 10. He sat begging, and when he heard Jesus was passing by- he cried out. And when others tried to calm him, quiet him, he just cried out louder!  There are times in our life the struggle is so real and all we can do is cry to Jesus. And when we try to “be still” and listen for that “still small voice” we just can’t. Because the hurt is real, and the pain is deep. We just cry louder.

Jesus sees us in our struggle. He hears us amidst our deepest need.  Bartimaeus was there. He sat begging in the street. Taking whatever the world had to throw his way.  The pain. The sorrow. The loneliness. The world didn’t have much to offer him. He knew there was more- even as he cried to Jesus the world still tried to quiet him. What was he? Just a blind man? Just a beggar?  “And Jesus stood still.”  (vs. 49) To Jesus he was so much more. His needs were real. His struggles were worth caring for. He was worth cleansing and making whole. And so are you.

Bartimaeus was blind. He couldn’t see Jesus. He didn’t know where Jesus was, but heard that He was passing by that way. There are valleys we must pass through in this life. We sometimes get our eyes off the Lord and allow the storms to overwhelm us. We cannot see Jesus. Yet we must trust that He is near- for He is Faithful and True. He is always near. In faith we must call out to Him. Cry out to Him. And if we still can’t seem to see Him- cry louder.  There He is- standing still- waiting for us to come to Him. And there He stands, calling us, like He called to Bartimaeus.

Bartimaeus was comforted. He cast off his worldly garment and came to Jesus. He laid down his need at the feet of Jesus. Immediately he received his sight. He didn’t have to wait. He didn’t have to go through some type of ceremony or time of cleansing. Immediately Jesus made him whole. Jesus was ready for Bartimaeus. Jesus was willing to heal him. When Bartimaeus called- Jesus stood still. The Lord knows when the struggle is too much for us to bear. He knows when we reach the end of our resources and can do nothing but cry to Him. He knows when we can’t sit quietly and still any longer. He stands for us. He comforts us. And He is ready to meet our need. Call out to Him today. For salvation. For security. For peace amidst the storms of life. Cast away the garments of shame and come to Jesus. Follow Him in faith. For He is Faithful and True.  



06/09/2016 9:29am

AMEN, thank you for an extra morning reading. God always knows what we need for the day.

06/11/2016 12:26pm

Thank you so much!! I am glad this was a blessing to you!!

Patricia Stegman
06/11/2016 12:45pm

Thanks so much for this message ... it went deep, deep, deep into my soul.

06/11/2016 8:24pm

Those verses were such a blessing to me when I read them. I am glad I was able to share the message that the Lord spoke to my heart about!

07/25/2016 9:35am

Once again I read this. Thanks. Just when I need Him, Jesus is near, just when I faulted, just when I fear....

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